DYNAMIX webinar “Preliminary results from the resource efficiency policy mix assessment: grand challenges for implementation"

28 Oct 2015
09:00 - 12:00

The webinar presented the DYNAMIX results on policy mix assessments for resource efficiency and triggered discussions around challenges facing policy implementation both from scientific ex-ante evaluation perspective, e.g. in relation to public acceptance and political feasibility/will, and practical experiences from participants to the webinar.

DYNAMIX – POLFREE Joint Final Conference: “Policy mixes promoting resource efficiency for a circular economy”; 15/16 February 2016, Brussels

15 Feb 2016

After 3.5 years of intensive research and analysis, the two sister projects DYNAMIX and POLFREE projects, both funded by the European Commission FP7 program, will come to a close in March 2016. Therefore, the main research results and messages on policy mixes for a resource efficient EU from the two projects were presented and discussed in the context of resource efficiency beyond a circular economy.

Discussing environmental impacts from food production and consumption at Expo Milan

07 Oct 2015

The event aimed at allowing Expo 2015 visitors to experience first-hand the kind of complex issues that policy makers are likely to face in the upcoming years to deal with the negative environmental impacts from food production and consumption (for example: should meat consumption be taxed? Should the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy objectives be radically changed?).

3rd DYNAMIX Policy Platform

06 May 2014

The 3d DYNAMIX Policy Platform entitled “Policy design and assessment: Three policy mixes for resource efficiency and decoupling” took place on 6 May 2014 in Brussels. It focused on presenting and discussing policy mixes for resource efficiency and decoupling as well as on how to assess them.

1st DYNAMIX Policy Platform

20 Mar 2013

Policy Platform, March 20-21, 2013 in Brussels:
“Exploring resource policy challenges in Europe”

How can the EU shift onto a pathway of declining resource use and environmental impact within a thriving economy? More than 40 high-level representatives from EU and national policy, academia, business and civil society got together during the 1st DYNAMIX Policy Platform to discuss this question.

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