4th DYNAMIX Policy Platform

The 4th DYNAMIX Policy Platform, “An ambitious Circular Economy Package for Europe: achieving Europe’s resource efficiency potential” took place in Brussels on 13- 14 April 2015 as a joint event between two FP7 research projects, DYNAMIX and POLFREE, which both explore the potential of a resource efficient Europe.

The focus of the 4th Policy Platform rested on the EU Circular Economy Package. Since the last version has been withdrawn, the new European Commission aims at drafting a new, broader and more ambitious package.

More than 70 experts from policy, business/industry, academia and civil society attended the Policy Platform, generating a high level expert discussion around a new Circular Economy Package, and working on policy recommendations to support the European Commission for a more ambitious Circular Economy Package.

During the different keynote interventions, interactive working-groups and panel discussions, participants will be actively engaged in the discussion of:

  • How resource efficiency aspects should be included in the new package?
  • What a more ambitious package should look like?
  • What kind of policies and policy mixes should be considered?
  • What may be the socio-economic opportunities derived from it?
  • What are the expectations and needs of Member States, policy makers and relevant stakeholder groups?

Please find the summary report, the recommendations, the agenda, the participants list and the presentations of the event below.

The report summarises the keynote presentations, plenary discussions and group works held during the event. It provides suggestions on how a “more ambitious” Circular Economy Package (CEP) should look like and on the expectations of the different stakeholder groups, and served as basis to work on 10 recommendations to support the European Commission with the new version of the CEP.


Monday, April 13, 2015

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