The Use of Paradigms in DYNAMIX

Citation: Vanner, R., Bicket, M. (2013): The use of paradigms in DYNAMIX, Deliverable 1.1.

This paper introduces the concept of paradigm and its use in DYNAMIX.
Going beyond commonly used synonyms such as model, attitude or practice, the paradigm is defined here to be the worldview – the set of values, beliefs and ideologies – in which one is immersed.  The origin of the concept along with its different manifestations within the social and natural sciences are explored further in Section 2 of the paper, followed by preliminary working definitions of associated concepts and examples – such as the New Environmental Paradigm and Sustainability itself – in Section 3. The final section outlines the role and application of paradigm analysis in DYNAMIX, and begins to delve further into commonly-used paradigms and concepts explicitly concerning resource use.