Social assessment of DYNAMIX policy mixes

Citation: Bukowski, M., Śniegocki, A., Gąska, J., Trzeciakowski, R., and Pongiglione, F. (2015). Report on qualitative assessment of social impacts. DYNAMIX project deliverable D 5.3. Warsaw, Poland: WISE Institute.

This report presents the results of a qualitative social impact assessment of the policy mixes developed within the DYNAMIX project. In total, 21 key policies representing three policy mixes (Land, Metals and Overarching) were assessed.

The analysis focused on three key areas of social impacts: labour market, health, and social inclusion. The report contains discussion and separate assessments of policy instruments for each of these areas. This approach helps to identify and highlight horizontal social challenges that decoupling policies are facing. These are, in particular, significant necessary reallocation on the labour market, decrease in marginal positive health effects of decoupling policies over time, and disproportionate burden of both market and command and control measures on the low-income households. These challenges should, however, be compared with the risks of inaction, which in longer term are likely to lead to even higher, perhaps uncontrollable social impacts. The report concludes with general observations and pointers for revisions of the assessed policy mixes.