DYNAMIX webinar “Preliminary results from the resource efficiency policy mix assessment: grand challenges for implementation"

The webinar presented the DYNAMIX results on policy mix assessments for resource efficiency and triggered discussions around challenges facing policy implementation both from scientific ex-ante evaluation perspective, e.g. in relation to public acceptance and political feasibility/will, and practical experiences from participants to the webinar.

In addition, presenters and participants discussed potential linkages and conceptual relations between resource and a circular economy, stating that circular economy will be and remain an essential part of any ambitious resource policy that aims at increasing resource efficiency in the wide understanding of the EU's Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe.

Finally, potential links between project results and current policy issues were addressed, such as the processes around the revision of the Circular Economy Package.

Please find below the presentations from the presenters as PDF files.

  • Framing resource efficiency in the context of Circular Economy - Martin Hirschnitz‐ Garbers, ECOLOGIC Institute, Germany
  • The DYNAMIX approach of assessing economic, environmental and social impact of proposed policy mixes - Martin Nesbit, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), UK
  • Translating policies from research into practice: the “grand societal challenges” beyond the policy mixes - Martin Hirschnitz‐ Garbers, ECOLOGIC Institute, Germany, and Francesca Montevecchi , Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

Results and implications of 3 policy mixes for resource efficiency:

  • Materials policy mix - Tomas Ekvall, IVL, Sweden
  • Overarching policy mix - Martin Hirschnitz‐ Garbers, ECOLOGIC Institute, Germany
  • Land policy mix - Martin Nesbit, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), UK


  • Flash input from policymaking - Bettina Kretschmer, DG Environment, Belgium


Please find a brief report from the webinar below. You will also find the participants list and the Webinar Agenda below.

The responses to the public consultation on the circular economy can be found here:



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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09:00 - 12:00

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