Assessment of environmental impacts of DYNAMIX policy mixes

Citation: Nesbit M, Watkins E, Harris S (2015). Environmental assessment of DYNAMIX policy mixes. DYNAMIX project deliverable D5.1. London: Institute for European Environmental Policy.

This report provide a detailed assessment of the expected environmental impacts of each of the policies selected for detailed review from three policy packages developed in the Dynamix project. The core of each assessment is a review of the available evidence on potential impacts, and an analysis of the likely effects on the key targets of reducing raw material use, greenhouse gas emissions, land use, and water use; together with additional commentary on toxicity (where relevant), and (for land use policies), biodiversity. The assessments are summarised for each of the key targets using a simple indicator of the direction and scale of impact. The report notes some key challenges for policymakers to address in terms of uncertainty over policy impacts, and in terms of the growing importance of volume control (as opposed to quality control) instruments in environmental policy. It recommends a flexible approach within a framework of clear, broadly supported, strategic goals; and further work to address the challenges of designing successful volume control policies.