DYNAMIX – POLFREE Joint Final Conference: “Policy mixes promoting resource efficiency for a circular economy”; 15/16 February 2016, Brussels

After 3.5 years of intensive research and analysis, the two sister projects DYNAMIX and POLFREE projects, both funded by the European Commission FP7 program, will come to a close in March 2016. Therefore, the main research results and messages on policy mixes for a resource efficient EU from the two projects were presented and discussed in the context of resource efficiency beyond a circular economy.

Overall, 134 experts from 16 countries participated in the final conference, representing business (25%), policy (17%), academia (37%), civil society organisations (17%) and other (including international organisations, 4%).

We would like to thank all participants for the contributions and the lively debates in the working groups.

For further information please find below

  • a report from the joint final conference,
  • the presentations given during the conference,
  • the posters presented,
  • the final agenda,
  • the list of participants, and
  • a certificate about the sustainability of the catering.

The above photos show (bottom) an impression from the conference audience, (top) the panelists from a panel discussion on CEP with business representatives (from right to left):

  • Gerald Berger, Vienna University of Economics and Business, conference moderator (no panelist)
  • Cristiaan Prins, Director of European External Affairs, Unilever
  • Annick Carpentier, Sustainability Director, Eurometaux
  • Patricia Vangheluwe, Director Consumer & Environmental Affairs, PlasticsEurope
  • Gary Crawford, Vice President International Affairs, Veolia
  • Arthur ten Wolde, Manager Public Affairs Circular Economy‐ De Groene Zaak,
  • Sustainable Business Association Netherland
  • Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers, Ecologic Institute, Coordinator DYNAMIX project (no panelist)

and (middle - photo taken by Pawel Kazmierczyk) the panelists from a panel discussion on "Does the new CE package has the right policy instruments/
mixes to achieve the transition to a resource efficient Europe?" (from right to left):

  • Christophe Yvetot , Director of UNIDO Representational Office to the EU
  • Natalia Matting, Circular Economy, Sustainable industrial policy‐ DG Growth EU
  • Paul Ekins, Professor and Director of the Institute of Sustainable Resources at
  • University College London
  • Andreas Versmann, Policy Officer, European Economic and Social Committee
  • Vanya Veras, Secretary General, Municipal Waste Europe


Monday, February 15, 2016

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